TIMBER SALE- Writer's Digest 17th. Annual Self-Published Book Awards - Commentary Sheet.  

What did you like best about this book?

"The writing is lean and literate in style, painting a fascinating word portrait that is given a humanist depth in the way the author portrays these historic, tranforming events set against the environment and complications that inform the shaping of  these characters' lives and destinies.  The cast of everyday people portrayed here is, individually and collectively, certainly strong enough to carry the narrative, successfully engaging the reader's interest in wanting to know what will happen next.  The author's choice of incident is well honed in the way individual scenes reveal character through action and dialogue; and entertaining and informative read."

ALASKA  NOW -  Writer's Digest 17th. Annual Self-Published Book Awards - Commentary Sheet.  

What did you like best about the book?

"As soon as I picked up ALASKA NOW, my eyes were immediately drawn to the gorgeous cover photo.  The cover graphics and color choices were excellent and were set for optimal marketability.  Part adventure, intrigue, and romance, this is a story that will resonate with readers.  Patterson's intensive research is apparent, and readers will enjoy learning more about Native Alaskans and the risks of oil development in the rural areas.  Patterson's strength is in her dialogue.  The conversations are natural and move the story forward in ways that narrative cannot.  The story contains just enough suspense to keep the reader glued to the page....OVERALL, READERS WILL BE AS CAPTIVATED BY THE INTRIGUING STORY AS THEY ARE WITH ALASKA ITSELF.' 


Writer's Digest 16th. Annual International Self-Published Book Awards Commentary Sheet.-  What did you like best about this book?

"I most liked learning about Tibetan Buddhism through the narration of this couple's crazy life.  It was both entertaining and eventful, and I enjoyed learning new things while I read.  I liked the strangeness of the pairing, the strangeness of the circumstances that bring it about.  It's obvious that the author knows a gread deal about her subjects, and as such, I always trusted the narration to guide me in the right direction.  I also felt that the author's investment in her own work was translated to the prose.  I hope I enjoyed the work as much as she enjoyed writing it.

I really enjoyed being with Rolf and Fila, and I thought their relationship was both ridiculous and touching, if that makes sense.  I FELT THIS WAS A GOOD READ.

Writer's Digest 15th. Annual International Self-Published Book Awards Commentary Sheet. - What did you like best about this book?
"I like the humor of this book, and the underlying seriousness of the subject.  Your passion for identity issues pulls the reader into the book, and I like the way you keep coming back to the dangers of development.  I enjoyed the way everyone promises at the end to do something to help with overdevelopment, such as Indira's promise to have her company donate half a million toward turning part of that development into a park.  The different settings of this novel are also nicely done and I especially liked the section that takes place in Malaysia.  You obviously know these places well, and it is enjoyable for the reader to learn about them."
"THE WAGER:  A humorous Novel About Dog Parks, Seniors and Gambling For Love Later In Life."
Writer's Digest 2006 14th. Annual International Self-Published Book Awards Commentary Sheet. - What did you like best about the book?
"I enjoyed your delightful sense of humor and ability to describe scenes so that I felt as if I were one of the group taking part in all their activities, etc.  Your characterization was excellent, and I suppose that is also part of your skill in description; each character was distinct and easily identifiable; each person had a personality of his/her own so that nothing seemed stereotyped or repetitive.  This was a group of feisty, sexy, active ladies, and their male counterparts.  The book left me wanting to read more, and wishing that I were part of this circle of dog walkers.  The dogs were delightful, and I couldn't help thinking how fortunate this group was to have such a lovely spot where the dogs and their owners could enjoy the outdoors together.  YOUR SKILL AS A FICTION WRITER IS WELL DEVELOPED, AND I ENJOYED YOUR BOOK IMMENSELY."
"ALOHA AND MAI TAIS:  A Novel About Hawaii in the 1930's and 1940's.
"Aloha And Mai Tais:  A Novel About Hawaii in the 1930's and 1940's by Rosemary I. Patterson is a "slice-of-life" saga about Atherton and Jessica Scully, two elite people of Honolulu who decide to invest in the Tropical Palace Hotel.  Young love, trouble in paradise (i.e. marriage), wrenching changes inflicted on Hawaiian life and culture by the crush and demands of the tourism industry, as well as the shock of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese are all part of this picturesque and memorable story that is the next best thing to taking a vacation to Hawaii in a time machine."
2004 Writer's Digest 11th. Annual International Self-Published Book Awards Evaluation Sheet.  What impressed you most about this book?
"What most impressed me about this book was its unique setting and diverse characters working together, working against one another, and mainly, the setting contributing or disturbing character's wants.  The setting - circumnavigating the Australia coastline - and the dynamic personalities involved, create strong conflict within the book.  THIS IS AN AMBITIOUS AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING BOOK."
KULA KEIKI ALI'I (The Chief's Children's School):  A novel based on the efect of the Chief's Children's School on Hawaii's Monarchs.
"The overall book makes for interesting reading especially for those who enjoy a good mystery within a Hawaiian historical setting.  The Hawaiian News, Honolulu, Hawaii."
Writer's Digest Self Published Book Awards Score Sheet - What did you like about this book?
"I was impressed most by this author's encyclopedic knowledge of Hawaiian culture, customs and history.  I also like the political conscience that guides the novel.  This is a book written for a reason.  Of the characters, I was most interested in Kapeka and the Voice she hears.  And - it goes without saying - this novel has a very strong sense of place, communicated not only in visual detail, but in a well-crafted sense of mood and atmosphere."


Writer's Digest Self Published Book Awards Score Sheet - What did you like about this book?

"A knowledgeable fictive study of the clash of cultures, European and Hawaiian.


I am very pleased to say that the audiobook of "Kula Keiki Ali'i" (Chief's Children's School) has been nominated for the Hawaiian equivalent of a Grammy, a Hoku by the Hawaii Association of Recording Audiences for its 2014 Awards under the "Spoken Word" Category.  The audiobook is available from Audible.com and Itunes.
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